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Byron T Bear

Byron T Bear

We can easily find those organizations who have caused problems by ignoring conservation. Can we as easily find those who are working for the causes of Environmental Welfare?

The public may recognize you for your services or products, are they also aware of where you stand on matter of the ecology?

Byron is on a mission.  He wants to help by identifying you or your organization as one that is involved with these important issues.

He is extending his paw in hope that you will stand with him in his efforts towards the preservation of bears and conservation of habitat.  He needs your help to establish corridor lands for wildlife who are cut off from the healthy migration of wildlife traveling between ranges of habitat. These corridors will promote a healthier eco-system.

A Bear Clown

Byron is a registered clown, he appears to be a real live American Black Bear but is always a gentleman helping to enliven the hearts of all those he meets. He is an animal impersonator pledged to the Clown's Code of Ethics and has been clowning for 30 years. He is taking a stance for a just and noble cause and is donating the greater part of his service fees that he may share the work itself with you.

His costume is designed by one of the foremost Special Effects producers in the world. He can be made available to any organization who would like to stand with him and identify themselves as active conservationists.  Naturally Byron likes to see people anywhere and anytime, he is a clown!


Our foundation is sponsoring his efforts and will always decide upon the interest which he may serve. Those organizations who wish to identify themselves as active with environmental concerns will be favored. No company is too large or too small for us to consider approving his appearance in your promotions.

Taking Byron by the paw

  Engaging Byron T Bear for your promotions is affordable. Our foundation is so concerned with these issues that we will sponsor Byron to be used in your promotions for only the amount of his talent fees.  There are no expenses which normally would be associated with having such a resource.  This is the first time a major film grade Practical Special Effects Costume has ever appeared in public venues under direct public scrutiny.  Using Byron's services is 100% tax deductible.  The Byron T Bear Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization currently pending approval of the Internal Revenue

Byron's adoptive nature
Byron T Bear has adopted the Great Bear Foundation a  501(c)(3) organization  working to address the concerns of all 8 species of bear.  We also further other conservation efforts though our focus is upon bears.

 Our Foundation carefully evaluates any wild-life or habitat conservation effort which show a significant impact upon it's stated goals. We feel that the Great Bear Foundation is accomplishing this criteria and will keep faith and lend our support to them and other organizations who are working to conserve habitat and our natural fauna.

Byron is always concerned about bears everywhere and provides this service in order to help his 'relatives' directly, through the heart-felt actions of a Clown operating for those needs he holds dear.  His appearance in your promotions say "We are doing our part". 

Why Bears?
In a time when so many efforts need made, we feel that by concentrating our attention on individual efforts we will accomplish the most good.  We have a passion for the welfare of the eco-system and bears are invaluable contributors to the welfare of the wilderness.  We want to help foster public education about bears and their need in a healthy natural environment.

More about Bears

  To learn more about american black bears, follow this link : Kids Planet

  Adults can learn more about being safe in bear country at the Get Bear Smart Society

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