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October 31st -Fayetteville, Arkansas

Byron attended the first annual NWA Renaissance Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas this weekend.  Byron had the honor of meeting His and Her Majesty and the additional honor of meeting with the Mayor of Fayetteville, Dan Coody who showed him around town.  Byron, with his handler Curtis Newsom visited the Public Library where the Mayor presented Byron before the children he was reading to.  Afterwards Byron was taken to the town square to see more of the town’s activities.

            See the photo album for more pictures of the event

Wrangler a Fairy and Byron

Wrangler Curtis, Young Fairy and Byron Bear

Byron Bear meets Fayetteville, Arkansas

Byron Bear invited to the Great Plains Renaissance Faire
Sept 11 Wichita, Ks-  Byron received a call from Eagle Realms in Kansas inviting him to attend the two day event on September 30th and October 1st.

  This festival has grown amazingly since it began nearly ten years ago. 

  Several stages with well known acts will be performing and vendors from the four corners of the land are all looking forward to this event.  The gates open at 10am and close at 6pm and the event will take place at Sedgwick County Park in Wichita, Kansas.

  The King and Queen give honor to a subject of the Realm

  Visit their website for more information Great Plains Renaissance FaireThis year promises to be better than any previous faire.  Byron Bear and his handler will be visiting folks along the streets.


Byron Bear, Mayor Dan Coody and costumed feline

 Back at the Renaissance Faire, the stages were in full swing.  The seats were filled during the performance of Mounted Fury with a spectacular Equestrian display, including Jousting and Ground Combat.  The Ladys of the Salty Kiss provided Pirate comedy to admiring fans. Besides Byron, there were many lane acts including the Magic of David Wall     Belly Dancing was performed by Belli Trybe and LARP provided by Dragoncrest.
   Many of the attractions featured paws on participant action such as Archery with Bow or Crossbow, Spears, Axes and Throwing Knives.  The Ozark Highlanders provided bagpipes and the crowd soon grew in nice perportions.  There were also lots of vendors providing wares diverse and unique with a selection far more than ecclectic.
      Byron spent the day meeting thousands of Fayettevillians.  Proceeds from his appearance will go towards bear awareness, bear rescue, bear and habitat preservation.

 NWA Renaissance Faire's organizer Don Upton, provided a generous donation towards Byron Bear's adopted charities.

Byron Bear and Animal

Byron Bear and "Animal" at NWA Renaissance Faire

Byron Bear finds favor with King and Queen

Byron Bear Finds Favor with the Royal Family

Children gather while Byron Bear naps







August 16- Appalachian Bear Center announces the unveiling of it's new Logo and the changing of it's name.  This group of dedicated individuals are working along the edge of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park to rescue orphaned bear cubs.

The new name will be Appalachian Bear Rescue.  Byron spoke with Lisa at the center today and she said she has eight of them now and another one coming in as Byron was speaking with her.

 These young cubs are specially treated as not to become accustomed to people and are presented with a rich environment with the least amount of human interaction as possible.  Hibernation is the time when the cubs who are ready, are moved into the den of an adoptive mother.


Appalacian Bear Rescue Logo


  Bears have long been known for their adoptive nature but to help mother nature along a little bit of Vicks on the torpid mother's nose prevents her from detecting that a 'new' cub appeared while she wasn't watching

.photo by fuzzyphoto.com

 The Bear Rescue foundation has been very successful at rearing young cubs and safely returning them to the wild.  Support for this kind of effort can go a long ways into assuring that our grandchildren will be able to experience bears long into the future.


August 5-  Byron Visits Valliant Watermelon Festival

   During an exciting day of parades, music and watermelon.  Byron enjoyed the festivities meeting many new friends and trying out the watermelon for himself.

 The Valliant Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture invited Byron to the event and folks from several states away had come to join into the occasion.  Byron even rode in the parade with the streets lined with people cheering.

  For music this year The Annual Event had the well known music artists such as D.C. and Selby Minner with Blues on the Move on stage.  Also local talent winners Nicole Mussett winner of the Youth Talent Contest and Dimple Hisaw who won in the adult category.  The event is known to draw known Musical performers and Artists.  It also features unique crafts and arts which can only to be found in McCurtain County, located in Southeast Oklahoma.

(more photos available in Photo Album)

Byron Bear takes a fancy to Nellie Weathers

Bryon Bear takes a fancy to Nellie Weathers


Byron Bear eating some watermelon

Byron Bear tests the melon

Byron Bear gives a bearhug

  Immediate following the event the  Valliant Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture awarded the Great Bear Foundation (Byron's Adopted Charity) a generous donation towards the preservation of bears and bear habitat.

 Oklahoma Radio Station Celebrity

makes generous gift to the Great Bear Foundation

Aug 16 - Popular radio celebrity William "Bill" Payne made a generous donation to Byron's adopted charity, the Great Bear Foundation.  After inviting him to the annual Cookson Mountain Jubilee in July, today he was in contact with Byron again revealing his appreciation of wild life and habitat conservation.

Byron Bear and Bill Payne

  Radio Superstar William "Bill" Payne with Byron at Cookson, Oklahoma

 (Bill is the one with the hat on)


  Bill began as a DJ but soon his skills brought him the celebrity he enjoys today.  Mr. Payne has a broadcasting system which blankets Eastern Oklahoma with five stations as well as in Texas.

  In an interview with Byron, Bill said "We are adding height and increasing power at the Warner site to 25,000 Watts.  We will also swap frequencies with the Warner Sister Station in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

  When Bill regarded his interviewer, he added  "That tower is located in prime bear country" which drew close interest for Byron.

   With generous donations like his, all eight species of bear are vouchsafed to be here for generations to come for our children's children to marvel over.




 Russia to Curb Polar Bear Hunting

 July 2006 

WASHINGTON - Approval was given at The House Monday to a U.S.-Russia treaty to help guard polar bears from over hunting as well as numerous other threats to their continued existence. In a 2000 treaty polar bear hunting by native populations sets quotas on polar bear hunting by native populations between the two countries creating a joint commission to examine how best to sustain the polar bear habitat.

Native people in the United States are legally allowed only subsistence hunting.  Illegal hunting in Russia is an increasing matter, even though hunting in Russia has been out-lawed since 1956, according to Margaret Williams, Anchorage-based director of the Bering Sea Ecoregion Program of the World Wildlife Fund.





polarbears playing Photo by Fuzzyphoto.com

August - Bear visits Lake Tahoe Casino

   A curious Black Bear wandered into the MontBleu Resort Casino this month "He was going towards the kitchen" reported Earl Zeller, a worker at the resort "when some of the workers showed up he scampered away."

General Manager Patrick Basney said that employees found humor in the incident and  suggested that the Casino be more careful about keeping things secure in Bear Country.  

 The majority of conflicts between bears and people occur when food is carelessly left available where a bear, always looking for a quick snack, may find food sources available where people may also be nearby.



  Being mindful of food garbage and using bear-proof containers and trash receptacles could save hundreds of bear lives each year as well as reduce conflict between people and bears.

 If you are in bear country and want more information about how to bear proof your home or camp, you may contact Byron directly by using the contacts page. 


July 25

Encounters with Bears happening more frequently 

Over the past two months bears and humans  have been having increasing encounters. From a black bear in Kentucky eating from a birdfeeder, to a head on collision with a Bicyclist in Denver, Colorado on July 23rd . In Alaska near Anchorage on the day before a bear reached into a tent and grabbed hold of it's occupant.  The occupant was unhurt.

 As people continue to increase in numbers in bear habitat, the need for education about bears increase.  There are a few rules which can help keep you safe.


2) In Bear Country make noise, talk make yourself noticed, bears will tend to avoid you.

3)  Cook many yards from any area where you are camping and wash yourself up to remove food smells afterwards.  NEVER take food into your tent or eat around the tent.

4) If you intend to be around bears, carry a couple cans of bear pepper-spray.  These are effective.

Of those people who have run-ins with bears, 99% of the time it is the bear who loses.  A bear who is reported and comes into notice with the Wild Life Department has a greater chance of being Euthanized than in being re-located.

  This 'Euthanized' euphemism most always means being tracked by dogs and shot dead with rifles. There are even occasions when there is a question of whether the bear that is killed is the offender!



  The GREATEST danger to bears is people.  Recently, in an effort to reduce encounters of the furry kind, Golden, Colorado has changed it's pick-up times for garbage and greatly reduced the number of  'problem bears'. 

  This time of year it is of great importance to bears to increase their weight and many are shifting into the eat 23 hours nap 1 hour mode.

  If there are bears around your area, keep bird feeders strung at least 10 feet above the ground between wide set trees, or wait until later in the season when the birds have a greater need for your assistance and bears are beginning to hibernate.  

  Don't put your trash out until it is near time for collection.  Keep your patio area clean and free of food.  Simple things like this can prevent the greatest danger to bears, becoming accustomed to humans.



Todd Hiett


Speaker Hiett provides vital data to Byron on Conservation

Oklahoma City -    July 10

Byron T Bear received information from the Speaker of the House, the Honorable Todd Hiett.  Mr. Hiett helped provide Byron with vital data concerning tracking of the population of black bears.

 During this study no hunting of Bears will take place.. Mr. Hiett is concerned with sound conservation policies.





 Another Mother Bear killed protecting her cub

New Jersey - July 4

   The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Under it's no tolerance to bears entering populated areas law, shot and killed the She Bear with a single cub as she wandered into a  populated area.  Upon being confronted by Wildlife Officials she attempted to protect her cub where-upon she was fatally shot.

 As bears and people grow into closer proximity, without proper bear education, these things will continue to happen.




     Representative Bingman vows Bear Study will go forward Carefully

June 27 - Republican Oklahoma Representative Brian Bingman was approached by Byron this week who asked for assurance that the study on black bear will be conducted with great care. 

 This plan calling for the study on black bear in the state was announced shortly after Byron appeared at the State Capitol where he encouraged a veto by Governor Henry against the house bill.  The measure provides the authority for the Department of Wildlife Conservation to allow a hunting season on bears. Byron asked how the study would be conducted.

Representative Bingman replied, "It will be an extensive study which will take a good while to complete."  he further assured Byron that 'he will keep a careful watch upon the issue' and provided all the information for Byron to track the actions being taken at the state department level.  Byron appreciated his District Representative's stance.



June 17 -Lawton, Oklahoma

The well recognized Bob Wright of Lawton, Oklahoma and his family invited Byron to their First Annual Renaissance Faire which featured Great Acts like Queens Gambit and other notable and popular Renaissance Faire Acts such as the Brother Dimm. 


Bob Wright (left) and his Royal Guard


Xiang Xiang Returned to the Wild

The 4 year old appears healthy and doing well

The Captive Born Panda had been in a release training program for three years.  He is being tracked by satellite and has adapted well to conditions in the wild.

Xiang Xiang marks the first time a captive Panda has been successfully reintroduced back to the wild.

Pandas International continues efforts on behalf of wild pandas.


May 30, 2006

Muskogee Business man makes generous donation to the Great Bear Foundation

  After Byron's visit at the popular and successful Muskogee Castle Renaissance Fair this May.  Noted Muskogee Citizen Jeff Hiller made a generous donation to the causes of environmental preservation.

  Immediately following the event Byron's service fees were awarded the Great Bear Foundation, Byron's adopted charity.  A gift from Byron T Bear and the kind folks at the Muskogee Castle.






May 9th, 2006 Oklahoma City

Byron makes a stand  

Byron Bear appeared on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol Building to encourage Governor Brad Henry to veto House Bill 1296.

The law allows for the hunting of bears, cougars and the trapping of otters in Oklahoma. Despite Byron's appeal to the governor, the law will go into effect November 1st of this year.

 Byron will continue on alert being watchful that sound conservation practices are used by the state regarding these important species.




Byron on the State Capitol Steps encouraging the Governor

Mother Bear Killed while trying to rescue her cubs.

   In Vail, Colorado the last week of June, the She Bear was killed when officials tried to remove her cubs from a condominium bathroom.  When Colorado Division of Wildlife officers attempted to retrieve her cubs, she became agitated and so was also tranquilized.  

  There had been reports of her showing up around dinner time in the area.  Because of these reports the Division of Wildlife decided to euthanize the mother and removed her cubs to a facility which will house them and release them next spring.

  Bears will always be attracted to food sources and as bears and people begin living increasingly close, these incidents will continue until people living in bear country become more aware of how not to come into conflict with bears.


The Colorado Division of Wildlife have begun a study to determine other means to decrease conflicts between bears and people.  Current studies are being conducted at Colorado State University.



What Happened to Fred?

Recently, in the UK, Fred the Performing Bear was part of a circus until outraged citizens sought to free Fred.  The WSFA got him a ticket to Bear With US, where he is today, retired to spend his life as close to that which is natural for him as possible. 

Performing Bear Acts depend upon rough treatment to cause them to behave in unnatural ways to entertain the public. 

  Fred had been kept in a cement paddock until his rescue at the request of the peoples of England who will no longer tolerate the cruel practices required to train performing bears within their country.

Fred is an American Black Bear who is thirteen years old.   Black Bears can live as long as forty years.




Young Bear killed in Larkspur, Colorado after finding  an unattended Barbeque Grill and unsecured Garbage Can

  In Douglas County, Co. a family left their garbage can and their Barbeque unattended attracting a young black bear. 

  The bear was just a cub and had found melon rinds and a dirty barbeque grill so naturally examined it.

 Tyler Baskfield of the Colorado division of Wildlife said.

""It's an important message that we need to get out," he said. "Don't feed the bears. We can't say it enough. With warmer weather, bears are going to be out foraging."


 Popular Drive-thru park Cited for violation of Lacy Act

Bear Country USA charged with violating the Lacy Act and pleads Guilty to selling bear parts to be exported to the Asian market.

  Court documents stated that the owners of Bear Country USA sold gall bladders, and bear paws to a merchant destined to the Asian Market.

  Uniformed persons in Asia believe that a salve made from a solution of Bear Bile will help hemorrhoids and are unfamiliar with more sensible products on any local drug store shelf.

  These facts revealed themselves when the wild-life drive-through attraction near Rapid City was caught purchasing a breeding pair of grizzly bears from Minnesota.

  Court documents show that the Casey's sold 44 bear pawsBear paws are also believed to have healing properties by the few superstitious Asians who believe the Snake Oil Salesmen con artists.










May 9th, 2006 Oklahoma City

  Byron raising bear awareness in Oklahoma


Byron meeting Oklahoma City students at the state capitol building.

Oklahoma Wildlife Department calls for scientific study on Bears

After the passing of a bill which allows for hunting of Otters, Mountain Lions and Black Bears. The Oklahoma Wildlife Department has called for a scientific conservation study to be made concerning Black Bears.  Hunting will not be allowed until this study shows a sustainable population of bears.  Byron Bear will continue to press legislators who will find that bears are a threatened species within the state and hunting should not be allowed.

  Bears have always been a part of the Oklahoma ecology and because of dwindling numbers should be conserved and protected under the law as one of the natural wonders of this scenic and rugged state.





Moon Bears dying from human superstition


Asiatic Black Bears are commonly called "Moon Bears" because of the distinctive moon shaped golden pattern upon their chests.


Asiatic Black Bears are being caught. They are put into tiny cages where they can't move.  A catheter (a tube which runs into the body) placed in them to milk bile, because the superstition says to the uninformed, that it can cure their illness. There are many uninformed people who do not know that  scientists can create these same bio-chemical substances within the laboratory. The paws of these bears are also favored and made into soup  with the paws being taken from living bears. Such bears can live an excruciating life as long as 22 years in these horrible conditions slowly being bled to death.


One group concerned with stopping these practices and rescuing these bears are working to educate people and restore these bears. Byron Bear has taken notice of Animals Asia Foundation Bear Rescue . Support for these dedicated people would greatly help them to stop these cruel practices. With proper education the persons responsible may begin using more practical approaches available in modern bio-chemistry.


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