Oct 7 -Baxter Springs, Kansas.  Byron visits Baxter Springs Renaissance Faire.

  Byron Bear attended the Cherokee County Arts Association's Bridgewater Renaissance Faire this weekend.  Located on the grounds of Baxter High School, this Renaissance Faire has been operating for seven years now. Baxter Springs is located in the SE corner of Kansas a short drive from Joplin.  Several noted artists were seen in attendance, craftsmen of all kinds, music to sooth and games to excite.  The Cherokee Arts Council operates the faire each year the first Saturday of each October.


Byron Bear poses with Baxter Spring Mandregal Choir


 A young Kansas man playing with Byron

  Byron Bear encounters a young Kansas Renaissance Enthusiast



  Amid the splendor of celebrations, a live wedding, pageantry of the middle ages, chivalry of the men of arms, bravery of the jousters and the sweet refrains of master harpers, there was also town's own Mandrigal Choir and other popular artists such as the singers "Howl-o". 

  Immediately following the celebrations, the Cherokee Arts Council Association awarded the Byron T Bear Foundation a very generous gift towards conservation of bears and their habitat. 

  Many photos, not shown in this article, can be found of the event upon the albums pages.  We encourage enthusiasts to mark this event down on your calendars, it was an affair to remember.