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Questions & Answers about Byron Bear

Q. Can't we just rent the costume?

A. No. A clown's image is unique to the clown himself. The clown and his costume are one and inseparable.  The animator of Byron T Bear is a registered clown with the World Clown Association (#22558) sworn to uphold the Clown's Code of Ethics and is donating 100% of his time to our cause.  

Q. Does Byron Bear appear at Public events or just in commercials?

A. Byron does make public appearances as you can see on the home page. While Byron T Bear is designed for the big screen he's quite capable of public appearances and is a robust performer. He has special systems at work, which aid in an outdoor appearance, or long engagement.  These systems have been built into the design and feature cooling systems, hydration systems and breathing systems. They are designed to work within a given range of temperatures and circumstances.  In all other ways Byron behaves in the manner of most black bears.  He is easy going and seldom in a hurry

Q.  How expensive is it to have Byron Bear appear for us?

A.  Byron's preference is to concentrate on Oklahoma and its neighboring states. That does not mean he would not enjoy an adventure further afield. He's young enough to always enjoy a good adventure! Byron will travel at no expense to our client up to 500 miles from Sapulpa, Oklahoma without it affecting his contract price. We negotiate the contract price based on the individual needs of the client, their ability to pay, and their desire to help our cause. Engagements beyond 500 miles of our location require lodging accommodations and travel expenses. Those who feel especially generous to the causes of environmental welfare and the welfare of bear's in particular, lend aid in our campaign of education and bear awareness.

Q. Couldn't we have our own "Bearsuit" made?

If you have the budget, yes you can have your own bear suit made. A Practicle Special Effects Animal may well cost in the 10's of thousands of dollars. The quality of our veteran impersonator and the photo-realistic appearance, create the magic of having a real live Black Bear. You've all seen mascots for events or teams, did they ever appear real to you?  A Special Effects Practical Bear is made to look real. Our actor has thirty years experience in clowning and animal impersonation. It is a specific performing art.  The performer must be well versed in the animal they portray or the illusion does not hold up in front of the public.


Q. Who made his costume?

A. Animal Firm of San Antonio, TX  produced Byron's costume. (See our credits page) Its designers are Marc Tyler and Heidi Sneider who faithfully reproduced Byron's markings and character to the requirements of the clown himself. Our research could find no artist who could better achieve the clown's requirements or surpass the workmanship of these designers.

Q. How may we contact Byron Bear ?

A.  Email may be addressed to us by looking upon the credits page. Regular mail should be addressed to 

         Byron T Bear Foundation
            22315 W Hickory Dr
            Sapulpa, OK  74066

Q.  We've seen him and he looks so real.  Are the materials... natural?

A. Byron T Bear is made of 100% man-made materials.  No part of any animal has gone into his construction.  He looks so real during performances because of the actor and the extreme attention to detail and masterful artwork of Animal Firm who we commissioned to make Byron Bear.  

Q. Why does Byron always stand on two legs?

AByron has been designed in this way because it states our company goals.  We are standing for a just and noble cause and most always one will find Byron walking around on two legs.   He does surprise his Wrangler on occasion when he spontaneously moves to four legs in order to be more accessible and less threatening to children who may wish to approach him. Primarily he remains on two legs.

Q. Is your Foundation against hunting?

A.  No. Efforts are underway to restore our natural predators, for they help regulate species diversity. In the meantime it is our generation who must, through conservation efforts, regulate the number of species that a particular ecosystem may support.  This may include re-location of individuals within a species and may necessarily require hunting of a species.
  The relationship between predator and prey is one of the greatest marvels of our natural world.  Our generation is coming to understand this fact and taking action to replace myth with education. Our generation has learned how to become contributors to the ecosystem. Today’s reality is an educated people, which education has replaced myth and superstition about the large mammals in our environment with understanding. For this reason efforts such as the Byron T Bear Foundation exist. 

  This may seem a contradiction, but hunting has been a part of human life from the dawn of mankind.  Today where predators come under pressure and reduced populations of large mammals occur it is due to irresponsible conservation practices, it must necessarily become our duty to regulate or restore populations integral to our world’s ecosystem health.  Likewise it is our duty to teach and learn how to live without conflict with the wildlife within our world.  Mankind may well be the greatest predators the world has seen since allosaurus was the top common carnivore, responsible hunting is not unknown to us as a people and there are those who are adept at hunting and programs within all our nation which help teach responsible hunting in relationship to sound conservation practices.

Q.  How quickly can we book Byron?

A   We raise funding primarily by selling appearances of Byron Bear at all kinds of events and through contributions from persons like yourself.  Fairs, Schools, Churches, Renaissance Faire , Parades, Community, Corporate and Private events as well as through public education and awareness campaigns.  

   Byron Bear is a busy bear and to insure you can have him appear at a certain date,  you should contact him AT LEAST 14 days before scheduling him. If an event is scheduled on the date you had in mind, the client who has engaged his services before you must take precidence. It's better to book him earlier than to wait till the last minute. 

Q. What happens with our contribution?

 A.  The Byron T Bear Foundation watches groups who are concerned with bears and will contribute to those efforts that meet our criteria.  This criteria is put to the test by asking 'Is that group making a significant impact towards their stated goals?  If the answer is yes, we will consider helping them with funding so long as they are concerned with education about bears and applying sound conservation practices.   Our pages will always reflect our focus; we will promote and help provide for those efforts wherever they may be. We make every effort to insure that the greatest part of those contributions go directly to the providing for bears and bear habitat, our entire staff are non-paid volunteers. 





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