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Our Mission

  The Byron T Bear Foundation


As part of a campaign to help educate people about the need for bear preservation and in order to raise bear awareness;  The Byron T. Bear Foundation have commissioned a photo-realistic black bear costume to be made as an important part of a public awareness campaign.  

We engage Byron in public activities of all kinds.  His startling appearance helps us to to raise awareness of people about bears and provides opportunities to help educate people and help prevent conflicts between people and bears. 

In order to further our purpose,  Some of the proceeds of our foundation will go to other non-profit organizations directly concerned and involved with bears or bear habitat.

We intend to see the stop of performing bears.

We intend to help procure properties to promote healthy migration of bears (and all wildlife) between habitat ranges, called corridor lands. 

We intend to seek every opportunity to educate people about bears and habitat and teach ways to prevent conflict between bears and humans.


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